Bankruptcy Client Questionnaire

When coming to our office for your consultation, please read the following document. It outlines documents that you need to bring with you, and will give Cox Law Group the information we need about your specific financial situation.

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Important Note:

The Client Questionnaire document viewer is not compatible with Internet Explorer on this page. Please use Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari to open this page and you will have access to this file.

Internet Explorer users can still download the Client Questionnaire with this link.

Client Questionnaire

Taking the time now to read through the Client Questionnaire Document will better prepare your for your upcoming consultation. This will also save some time during the process and allow you to get questions together to ask as well.

To download the PDF file click on the icon in the toolbar that looks like a page with a down arrow located at the top or bottom of the document. Doing this will open a new browser tab which will allow you to fill in the document, save it, and print a copy.

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